About Us

Matt Carson, Founder & CEO

Matt is a born & bred Virginian as well as a start-up addict. Shortly after earning a degree in history, political science, and world-class partying at West Virginia University, Matt co-founded a web and custom software firm whose clients ranged from small businesses to Fortune 500 firms such as CapitalOne & Marriott. From there he co-founded BigTeams, a company focused on creating software and websites for high school sports which was later funded by a DC based equity group.

After many blazer and sport coat purchases, and the associated frustrations with the boring choices available, Matt connected with AJ Machete in order to develop Carson & Machete Blazer Co. In addition to Carson & Machete, Matt now runs a think tank he co-founded called Outsider Labs in Warrenton, Virginia.

AJ Machete, Co-Founder & Lead Designer

AJ Machete is a designer best known for his exclusive and hand-tailored menswear. 

When studying sculpture at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, he became interested in the way that hand-crafted pieces convey a greater richness and meaning than pieces that are merely mass-produced.  The ideal design, he felt, was one that was perfectly crafted for the individual person, use and context.

After studying philosophy at Columbia University and Harvard, he returned to the world of design, opening Denver Bespoke, a line of hand-tailored business suits and formalwear in 2009, and winning the FGI Rising Star menswear category for this line in 2011.

AJ's focus is on designing pieces that are durable and made from classic fabrics.  Each of AJ's lines is produced entirely in the USA.